Hey guys I am back. I know I didn’t do much over the summer well I am back. And have new and fun things for y’all.

Also if you already didn’t know I am writing a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My letter to the senator

I think what people do to the 7 year old children is disgusting. Also why would people let 7 year old 7 work in tobacco fields because it’s like smoke getting into their system that they can take out. Also wow. I think people should at least give them a break and a raise. I also want people to never let younger than 18 year old to work in such pain like this.

Week 10 part B

I have writer 24 post
5 of these post were challenges 20 were interest and 1 school based.
I received 16 comments


I think this received the most comments because it was one of the most weirdest blogs I have made.
I enjoyed writing all of them but I have to pick the weird ones like the Happy Birthday Mo and all my movies.
I did change my theme because I thought my theme because my other one was really boring to me.
I have 10 widgets. I think it’s not enough because my blog looks like a normal bland blog. So I think I should have a little more cool ones.
I received 1 blog overseas.

Interviewing Caiya

What were your first impressions of this blog?

It look like a person who is funny wrote this and I liked the theme.

What captured your attention
The name of the blog CWA stuff that can’t be explained
What distracted you on the blog?
Nothing. It seemed a little too bare.

What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
Put more widgets and check your spelling and grammar on your posts.

Write a post about your blog audit.


My Friends

One of my other best friends Caiya.

She he is the most awesome, werid,crazy, confusing, and loving best friend anyone could ever have I have been best friends with her since Kindergarden. She’s the one who made me into the werid, crazy person I am today and I enjoy that. Most of you don’t know me but I am well………… A little……….. Patiuna in the head another way of saying crazy. Anyway back to caiya. She’s awesome. Also if anyone wants check out her blog  http://caiya.edublogs.org.



Another one of my best friends is a girl named Mackenzie. I wrote a blog post about her but it got deleted so here is what I wrote. Mackie is my best friend she has been since Kindergarden too. For seven years and counting. We go way back. We are just alike. So that’s what I have too say. I do have more but I don’t think I have room.

Mackenzie and Aliyah

Mackenzie and Aliyah

Last but but not least Alana and Mikaila both have been my best friends for well Alana 6 years and Mikaila 3 years. There my best friend because they get me. I mean all of them do. A lot don’t really but these. Fab 4 are mine.

image image

Do you have a best friend that’s gets you. Comment below.