Week 9


I am 35, and I have a husband and two kids. My husband is a good-looking guy. He is very funny. My daughter is 4 years old, and my son is three. My daughter is a funny, crazy girl. My son is athletic. He plays junior basketball and baseball. My mom takes care of them when I’m working.


I am a famous director. My last movie was based on the book What’s Left of Me. It won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. It was an awesome night. I thanked my family, my best friend, and Mrs. Spiegelman and all of my other teachers for helping me when I was a kid. These people made my movies possible today. My best friend, MacKenzie, was there because she was nominated for Best Actress. She won that night, too, so we really had something to celebrate. We ate Ghirardelli’s at the after party.


For fun, I like to travel and go to Six Flags. I  am taking my family to Scotland this summer to visit this castle, and to see the Scottish dancers. I want to wear a kilt there. I’m going to make my husband wear one, too! Then, I’m going to post it on Instagram. I also like to go to Disneyland. When I was in 6th grade, I hoped all of this would come true, and it did!


4 thoughts on “Week 9

  1. Aww, this is a really sweet post. I love how you really talk with passion. I won best actress? YAY! I love how we celebrated with chocolate after😋🍫. I think you will be a great director one day. No matter were you go, I will be there(not a creepy stalkish way, a metaphor). I love you like a sister and we will be great at what we do. As long as we do it together. Btw your family sounds happy, and I hope it really turns out that way.
    Your BFF MacKenzie

  2. Such a nice post, Aliyah! I will definitely be there- maybe in the audience, maybe an actor, or maybe your body-guard ( 😀 ), or as a Co-Director. You are one of my bffaeaeaes (best friend forever and ever and ever and evers)
    ~With Love,
    *Caiya @ http://caiya.edublogs.org/*

  3. G’day Aliyah,
    You have a great style of writing. I love that you have written it as if it is in the present and you are 35 years old. From your other comments, I think you have a great circle of friends who will be with you for life.

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